Are Robots a Good or Bad Idea When it Comes to Transport and Haulage?

“By 2018, 30% of all new robotic deployments will be smart collaborative robots that operate three times faster than today’s robots”

(International Data Corporation, IDC).

In warehouses all over Europe, an army of robots is rising. Intelligent machines are spreading throughout the core of logistics, freight, and consignments. This provides a faster and cheaper route to shipping.

Amazon began introducing mobile robots in 2016 and now houses over 2,500 bots in one distribution centre alone. These bots have sophisticated technology that can pick up obstacles, avoid traffic and lift up to 340 kilos. They prioritise the most important tasks and can work tirelessly, offering fast and accurate services for customers. Likewise, Ocado are using robots for manual tasks that used to be carried out by a workforce. For example, they shop by selecting items and placing them into a massively dense cube of groceries, ready for delivery. Whilst some people welcome this e-commerce luxury, others frown upon the impact it has on employment and their local high-street.

DHL have managed to find somewhat of a balance by using cooperative bots, ‘co-bots’, that work alongside humans, hand in hand. They have been known to increase production rates and the quality and safety of products.

In the world of transport, robots have created more controversy by replacing truck drivers. Internationally, there are fewer drivers on the road than there were before as robots are now driving the vehicles. As a result, fleets are said to be saving energy, delivering higher productivity rates and saving lives; by reducing vehicle accidents and improving overall safety when shipping goods. We are seeing a rise in robots, whether we like it or not. This is something to consider for the years to come, especially for those who live and breathe transport and logistics.

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