Hampshire's Solution to Reducing HGV Emissions

As the plans for a carbon neutral future begin to come to fruition, the county of Hampshire, UK has started to make some significant changes that aim to help reduce the amount of CO2 within the local area.

HGV Ban on Hampshire Highways

Hampshire’s plan to reduce carbon emissions within the community takes inspiration from the way in which Germany are working to tackle climate change.

Their proposal includes drastic measures to tackle the problem and looks at banning freight movement on local highways on Sundays. This plan also provides ideas of a ruling to prevent HGV’s from overtaking on motorways.

Opposition to the HGV Ban

The RHA opposed the idea of the removal of freight on Sundays and expressed that reduced freight allowance on a Sunday would force increased freight capacity on roads from Monday-Saturday. Essentially worsening the CO2 problem that Hampshire’s council are trying to fix.

The Climate Emergency

HGV’s are responsible for approximately 16% of the UK’s GHG (green house gas) emissions from domestic transport (which accounts for 23% of the UK’s CO2 emissions) according to a 2017 study. As CO2 is directly linked to global warming, it makes sense that local councils are looking to reduce the impact of these emissions upon their community.

This plan is still within the early stages of development and, right now, is only a proposal. This means that it still needs to be refined and developed before the prospects of it being implemented will be viewed as feasible.  

If this plan was implemented it would mean that you would be fined for driving through a no-freight zone on a Sunday, so it is important to stay updated with the ongoing discussions surrounding this potential restriction.

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