PPE Backs-UP Port

Recently, there have been some major problems with accessibility at Felixstowe port due to the fact that over 11,000 shipping containers filled with PPE were being stored at the port for a hefty £1 million per day.

The PPE has been at the port since August and began to cause major delays with freight and ferry bookings both into and out of the port in November. Whilst the Government is saying it is looking at alternatives to remove the PPE, around 4,000 of the containers are still causing trouble at the port.

With Christmas on the way there is now much more demand for storage at the port and Felixstowe is struggling to cope with demand, resulting in huge blockages within the supply chain and resulting in retailers having to struggle with empty shelves at an already difficult time of the year.

There have been promises that the PPE at the port will be removed by Christmas, making the space free for all of the new customs processes, that are expected to cause delays, in January.

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