Imagine a conference. 

Now, imagine the same conference with no exhibition furniture, no chairs, no tables, no backscreens, no marquees or display cabinets… 

Conferences offer vital opportunities for communication, education and networking for businesses across every major industry. Lot’s of work happens behind the scenes to ensure that everything is seamless. 

So, a conference without all the essential equipment and furniture, and with hundreds of people standing around awkwardly, would be pretty… well, awkward. 

When it comes to transporting equipment to and from an exhibition, everything has to be perfect.

But how do you make sure your equipment gets to the conference on time? 


The Challenge

Last month, one of our long-standing customers, Xpect Furniture, turned to us to solve this exact problem. They were preparing to provide one of their customers with a selection of exhibition furniture.

The destination? The 2022 Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

Offering training and information resources, the event, which took place between Sunday the 25th and Wednesday the 28th of September, would house thousands of guests and dozens of micro-events. 

But for all “parties” involved - those organising the conference and the team at Xpect Furniture - it was crucial for the exhibition furniture to arrive at the event on time.


The Solution 

Our team worked closely with the team at Xpect Furniture to fully grasp their requirements. 

After ensuring that we had a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs, we then contacted logistics experts from across our network of experienced drivers to determine who could best support the company with their time-sensitive mission. 


The Result

Our drivers transported all of the exhibition furniture (on behalf of Xpect Furniture) to the event and back in two full artic lorries with tail-lifts. We also supported our customer further by choosing drivers with experience in loading and unloading equipment at exhibitions.

Because of this, the conference could go ahead - exactly as planned!

Whether you are transporting goods across the UK or EU, our team of freight forwarders have a wealth of combined experience to help make transporting your goods simple. 

(In fact, our parent company Freightlink will soon be exhibiting at the 9th annual Translogistica Poland in Warsaw next month, so we know a thing or two about the importance of getting the right equipment to the right destination at the right time.)

For a personalised quote, or to enquire about our services, get in touch with one of our freight forwarding experts today.