Health and Safety Series- Prepare for Driving Through Winter with your Winter Survival Kit

Winter is a tough season for people who work in haulage. Whilst Christmas may make it feel a little brighter, it can be difficult to enjoy driving during the dark, cold months. Embrace the season with your very own Winter survival kit. Having a Winter kit packed may seem a little overkill, but there is nothing wrong with a little preparation to help get you out of a tight fix in the future.


We all know the struggle of getting caught in the snow. Not only does it delay your journey but it could also result in you needing to call someone out to tow your vehicle whilst you wait in the cold. A great way to prepare is by having a shovel at the ready! Packing a shovel before you set off could get you out of a tight spot.

Ice Scraper

Keeping an ice-scraper in your vehicle is a brilliant way to prepare for the colder months. Making sure that you have full visibility is a crucial part of staying safe and keeping others safe on the roads too!

A Blanket

Make sure you’re prepared for the icy season by keeping a blanket tucked away. When the icy conditions get a little hard to bear, stay snug by wrapping yourself up in a blanket on your breaks. If you get stuck in traffic or at a port, it will also be a brilliant way to keep yourself comfortable.


The cold always affects our hands. There is nothing worse than needing to do something when your hands are frozen. Keeping a pair of gloves with you will help you to be prepared for anything. Wearing them whist scraping the ice off the windscreen or whilst you’re shoveling yourself out of the snow will feel like a complete life-saver!


Similar to gloves, handwarmers can be incredibly useful if you get to a point where the cold begins to bother you. Pull out your handwarmers on your breaks to make sure you keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Portable Phone Charger

If you happen to break down during Winter, it is very likely that you will find less people in your location than you normally would. Avoid catastrophe by bringing a portable phone charger with you so you don’t have to worry about not having a phone to help you call for help if something does happen.

Torch and High-Visibility Jacket

Bringing these two essential bits of kit with you could be crucial to keeping you safe. In dark conditions where visibility is low, helping yourself be seen by traffic could be a life saver. If you do need to leave the vehicle at any point, it is incredibly important to make sure that you stay safe by being visible.

Facemask and Hand Sanitiser

Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Make sure that you have your facemask with you to keep safe and avoid fines. Some hand sanitiser should also be in your kit so you are able to frequently wash your hands.

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